How to install the smart light switches?

Before days, you have to get up from your furniture and walk to switch on the light switches, but now you can simply switch on the smart lights from the place you are through your voice commanding option. However, before installing the smart light switches you have to get to know ways to install smart light switch so that you can do it properly.

Steps to install your smart light switches

Know pre-existing setup

furnitureThe first thing you have to think about buying the smart light switches are about your pre-existing light switch setup and wiring setup. That makes you understand what kind of smart switch you need because when you are down through the market for buying the switches there you can get so many options. In that case, you will be get confused to avoid such confusion priory know about your needs. For example, if there is one switch on the wall panel you need a single gang and if it contains two switches there you require a two-gang smart light switch and it gets varies based on your switch panels.


Pick a smart light switch

After knowing your entire switch and wiring requirements, buy the smart light switch. But remember only after you have familiarized with the wiring setup pick the smart light switch if you don’t want to waste money.

Remove the old switch wiring setup

To install the new smart light switches, one of those things you have to do is remove the old light switch wiring but before that ensure the power is off. While removing the wires connection you have to note the purpose of each wire, if you are confused there you can use the different colors of labels to identify them.

Connect smart wire switch

Now it is time for connecting the smart wire switches, during this you have to connect the in wires to the in wire, out wire to the out wire, neutral wires to neutral and ground wire to the ground wire. Remember the wrong connection may damage your wiring setup.

light switches

Secure and check

After connecting smart light switch, you have to secure those wiring set up inside the wall; once you have fit the wires inside the box screw them properly. Now turn on the power and connect your smart switch to the Wi-Fi, install the appropriate smart switch application, and then connect them to the smart switch. At once they have got connected to the app start controlling them through voice command.

Final thoughts

If you are do not aware of connecting the smart light switches there, you can make use of the manual which can guide you through providing the step-by-step instructions.