Willie is probably the only producer/engineer on the planet qualified to run a nuclear reactor! After graduating from the University of Illinois with a degree in Electrical & Computer Engineering, Willie spent five years in the Navy as a Nuclear Engineering Officer. From the money the Navy paid him (from your taxes) during college and the five years after, Willie put together his ever expanding home studio and taught himself the art of recording.

However, this was not his first adventure into the world of recording. Willie has always been involved in music and electronics since he was in grade school. He would often gather up all the stereo equipment from members of the family and wire it together to make “mix” tapes for him and his friends. He was also heavily involved in creating music — playing trumpet, piano, keyboards, and eventually guitars in bands from early grade school up to the present day. On the electronics side, Willie was heavily into arcade and computer games. He saved up money from his summer jobs in grade school to buy himself a computer, and then taught himself how to program arcade games and also to modify the computer’s hardware.

In 2010, Willie and his family moved into a much larger home in the Milwaukee, with a large lower level ideal for setting up a more traditional two room studio (separate control room and tracking room). Willie hired an acoustic consultant and remodelled and acoustically treated the spaces to spec for the best sound possible.

Willie Robinson is one of those rare, genuinely nice guys, who is able to get along with all types of people, and who loves to work with a wide variety of artists and musical styles. His laid back, mellow attitude immediately puts the artist at ease. His easy going personality, along with his combination of a strong musical background and outstanding technical abilities, allows his clients to relax and focus on delivering their best performance possible!

Mixing is Willie’s passion! He loves mixing great music and helping the artist bring their vision to life!